Welcome to my Blog!

Hey! I’m Brontie and I am so excited to show you a few moments in my life that I may find cute, funny, and adorable. Like bunnies! In fact, do you like bunnies? If you do, my sisters and I have an Instagram page!!! It’s all_about_rabbits_ . On this page you get to see cute photos of rabbits, and if we have any adorable baby bunnies you get to see them. It will be so much fun, but with you it will be even more fun. Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked. On my Blog you will be hearing about my dancing, a little bit of our bunny page, and more fun and exciting stuff.

Come follow my life adventure!!!

Why haven’t been posting much.

Okay, I know I haven’t been posting much but I have been very busy, I had a dancing show and now I have a dance exam. I haven’t just been doing that, that hardly took up any of my time. Except that it took up one hole week of dancing from 10:30isham, till 7:30pm that was for 4 days, then on the weekend we had the show, which took up two days, so I got one day of which was a Monday. I have been doing lots of art, and feeding my bunny. I also have a dance exam coming up, which is very exiting. The dancing show was 24th and the 25th of April 2021 I do dancing with WBDA it stands for Wanganui Ballet Dance Academy. The show was so fun to do, before the show we had to do a warmup that made you very tired while you were doing it, but you feel full of energy after, It’s so weird. The show was so fun and intense we had to get fully changed in 30 seconds, and we had to have a bun in our hair and I didn’t have time to that and get dressed, but thankfully someone helped me with that.the first time I went out on the stage for the dance that we had to get dressed really fast I didn’t have time to put my tights on over my shorts, so everybody else had tights on but I had shorts.It was really funny but the second time I got my tights on so that was good. The time where I didn’t have any tights I did have shorts on thankfully. And that’s what I’ve been doing the past few weeks/months.Bye!!

What do you love?

What are five things you love to do? I have quite a few more than five things, you might have more too. You don’t have to tell me but just think about it, and explain to your self why you love them, you also could right it down on a piece of paper or in your note book. It doesn’t even need things you love to do, it can be people you love or animals I have lots of animals I love, our family dog, my bunny, my sisters cat, and we don’t have many more just a few more rabbits, a horse, and our old sheep Georgie who could play soccer and we could get her to lay down, she was pretty cool, once my sister even rode her, she fell of, but it was still funny!!! these are the things I love , dancing, drawing/painting, my friends, my family,and the last one is…. stacking cups.


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